January 20th, 2004

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bono in orange county register

for any of you who get the orange county register, check out the second page of the life section from monday, january 19. it has a picture of bono with coretta scott king along with an article. here's what it says:

as a teenager in ireland, when violence and unrest were escalating because of the conflict over northern ireland, u2 frontman bono longed for the voice of reason from somebody such as the rev. martin luther king jr.
those thoughts and understanding of king's teachings and life led the singer to write a song about the slain civil rights leader, a 1984 hit called "pride (in the name of love)."
"we despaired for the lack of vision of the kind dr. king gave to the people in the south," bono said saturday before accepting one of the hightest honors from the king center, the organization founded by king's widow, coretta scott king.
"we are fortunate this year to...honor bono for exemplifying many of the qualities that my husband, martin, indicated were imperative to moving our society into the beloved community of which he so often spoke," coretta scott king said.
the target corp. received the same award for its charitable work.
bono was nominated for the nobel peace prize last year for his work to relieve third world debt and promote aids awareness.
"when dr. king spoke about having a dream, he wasn't just talking about an american dream. it can be an african dream, an irish dream," bono said. "that's why i'm excited to be here."
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found this on the www.arrowfm.com grapevine, i like britain's "different" taste

U2's "One" Named Best Song

(11/18/03) -- There's no doubt that British music polls slightly differ from the good ol' US of A's. That's not to say they're inferior. Just different. A good example is the British based Q magazine's 1001 Best Songs Ever, which recently placed U2's soulful "One" at the top of the list. The song ranked above songs by The Beatles and Elvis Presley. U2 guitarist The Edge said, "When we named it, I always knew it would be number one at something." Recorded in 1990 for their Achtung Baby album, "One" marked a huge departure for U2 who were trying to reinvent themselves at that point. The songs were voted on by well-known musicians and Q's writers.
Bono & Edge - Banjo Song
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U2/Bono Posters?

Hey everyone!

I recently ordered 2 posters off of art.com:


Anyway, my question to you all is, have you ever been able to find U2/Bono posters any place offline? In a store? I.E. FYE, a record store, Spencers, etc. I've been looking for some for like 6 years now and I have come up empty handed each time.

Well that's all. Thanks :)
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