January 30th, 2004

Bono & Edge - Banjo Song
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Yay, my second order of U2 posters came today ;) The new(est) ones that came today were the cover of ATYCLB in the bottom right and the Rattle & Hum session photo in the top left.

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While we're talking about posters (or so it seems), I'd like to share my tiny collection.

This was the poster I mentioned some time ago. I got it from a poster shop here in Chicago for 3 bucks. =D

I also got a huge poster of the POP cover that my friends got me for my birthday years ago. Aaaand, I don't know if anyone remembers the poster from one of the issues of Propaganda years ago... it was like a huge collage one one side, and on the other side, it was a poster from one of the Bosnia shows. I had the collage side on the wall. I can't seem to find picture of those posters anywhere, though...
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