February 1st, 2004

The North Sea

Your Mod for the month....

Any probs durring the month of Febuary, You can call upon larrysgirl for assistance.

You can also contact the other mods or community owners if you feel the need. We're all here to help if need be.

While I'm at it... The 46664 concert is to be released on DVD & 3CD!
Great news! I still haven't seen it as I was away travelling at the time. Especially interested in the PG footage as well.
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LMC vs U2

Hey.......was just wondering, for those who have heard it, what do you think of Take Me To The Clouds Above (by LMC vs U2)? Can imagine there will be a complete mixed bag of what everyone thinks....I know of at least one person who detests it! ;oP

I myself am finding its growing on me MASSIVELY! But then I am also right into my dance music, thus this is a nice link between my two favourite music worlds! And being my favourite U2 song thats been sampled and all.
I found this review to mirror my thoughts on the track.

I guess though, if you're not a fan of any of the remixes around recently, I don't think you'll be a fan of this one.
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    LMC vs U2- Take Me To The Clouds Above