February 2nd, 2004

Strokin' It!
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"Lots of Boots in Texas!"

Ok I'm here in the Great-Capital-Punishment State of Texas and there are live bootlegs for sale galore at this one store I just went to! Bootlegs here, boots there! I love it...but they're all burned CD-R's from what I sampled though. Decent prices from $15-20 too instead of the usual $40-50 for a double cd set back in the day.

We've got to keep Live Bootlegging alive!!!!!!!! Good quality stuff only though.

I'm glad none of the band members accidently showed up at the halftime show last night. Though I did hear that "Streets" made a cameo appearance during a Public Service Announcement regarding Voting.
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This is a tad late, but nonetheless exciting... I got the Slane DVD yesterday! I decided to reward myself with something after midterm week, so I bought it (and 3 Doors Down, but that's irrelevant here, hehe). I can't think of anything more satisfying than a successful trip to your local record store. I haven't watched it yet though. Probably next weekend since I don't have time during the week. But I'm looking forward to it. :)
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Bono pic from Virgin Radio

Just came across this while I was browsing the Virgin Radio website:

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At first I thought it must have been taken when Bono was interviewed by Dominic in October, but I can't remember if that interview was about Peter And The Wolf or not (and Gavin definitely wasn't there), so maybe it was a separate occasion.
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