February 4th, 2004

Under Attack

The Poppyfields

Okay all U2 Fans

There is a song being released on 9th Feb in the UK worth checking out ............ It is called 45rpm by the poppyfields .... now there is a very strong U2 link in this band with the fact that the front man of the Poppyfields is Mike Peters of the Alarm ....

Mike has been on stage a few times with U2 in the past and taught Bono to play Knocking On Heavans Door way back in the day ...

a loop of it can be found playing on http://www.thepoppyfields.com

Released as 2 cd singles and a 7" vinyl
cat numbers SMASCD054 - Cd1, SMASCD055 - cd2, SMAS7056 - 7"

If you like good guitar music and as we are all U2 fans here we must .. then its worth checking out this "raw" sounding punky track ...

FCC fining Bono for say the F-word

Explain something to me why is Bono being fined for saying the "F-word" @ the Golden Globes when it just slipped out of his mouth and yet "The Janet Over Exposure" is merely under investigation!!!!!!

I mean seriously how many "kids" watch the GG compared to the Superbowl?? I am thinking that more kids prolly watch the Superbowl then the GG's!!!

*just my 2 cents!!!
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