February 10th, 2004

Interesting tid bits....

I've had this weird habit for a long time.... Whenever I reach a milestone in my life, accomplish something, open new doors, or anything that involves the slightest bit of celebration, I find myself listening to With or Without You. When it's something really special I tend to put it in repeat........for hours....and hours.... Go figure.

I've been doing some student legal work at my university but I've lately become rather depressed over the whole thing. So I sat back and did a WWBD. What would Bono Do. I came up with this quote:

"....we shall continue to abuse our position and f*ck up the mainstream."

Then I had this suddenly quote!

"really, really f*cking brilliant".

So I decided to continue my legal work despite the mainstream injustice. Go figure.

In other news I'm getting incredibly restless. Where is the new album? Can't the boys just like go to K-Mart again or something. I think that would be grand if The whole group, from Bono to Paul (McGuinnes!), the wives and kids, all hit the road for a world meet and greet tour. I really think it would be something to fill Phillips Arena here in Atlanta for 2 nights with Bono, The Edge, Adam, Larry, and Paul McGuinnes, and they just talk! Answer questions, sign autographs, and just basically have one helluva U2 convention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd gladly shell out some cash for that. Two hours of U2 just kickin back, answering questions, hangin with the fans, that would be tops.

Anywhos just a thought. If ya got a connection at Island (or beyond) pass it along! But don't forget who told ya! ;-)

Sigh. Off to school.
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Yay :)
Since I had 30 minuets to blow before meeting a friend for lunch, I stopped by Borders just to look around and maybe pick up a book... and somehow I manged to browse my way over to the music/art section of Borders and I just "happened to find" (also known as searching, lol) U2: The Best of Propaganda. Needless to say I bought it. I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to U2 :)