March 20th, 2004


Just thought I'd let you know - Bad is in Taking Lives. haha my friend and I are sitting there last night and this song is what opens and closes the movie, and when the first sounds came on I grabbed my friend's arm and was like 'AH U2!' First of all, she's not a U2 fan. Then, she was nervous and jumped like a mile in the air when I grabbed her :) Anyway, it was kind of a nice surprise to hear it. It gives me good memories from my England trip this summer and sitting on a bus driving through the Cotswalds a ways outside of Startford. I listened to this CD and this song was so...I dunno but I loved having it come right through my earphones into my head, ya know? We were driving through these beautiful hills and I'm listening to this beautiful song...
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    Bad - U2

so now i'm in a sharing mood...

achtungbaby's request for the Salome outakes has gotten me in quite the sharing mood. i know theres all sorts of trading communities and what not, but i'm really not competent enough to be burning cds and mailing them out to people, but if anyone was interested, i would love to arrange something where some of my stuff could be transferred through a file sharing program. i use dc++ all the time, if we worked it out so we were in the same hub at the same time, it would be very easy for anyone to just access my file list and download anything they want. i have about 18gbs of u2, includes a bunch of b side/remix mp3s, practically every video, including all the multiple versions, all sorts of performance videos, etc. its the result of absolutely no life, an obsessive personality and high speed internet. so if anyone's interested feel free to e-mail me ( and we can work something out.
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    Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight