April 1st, 2004

black taxi music

life should be fragrant, shouldn't it?

who's to say where the wind will take you

who's to say what it is will break you.

i don't know where the wind will blow

who's to know when the time has come around.

don't want to see you cry.

i know that this is not goodbye.

somewhere i can taste the salt of the sea,

there's a kite blowing out of control on the breeze,

i wonder what has happened to you,

you wonder what has happened to me.

- lyrics from kite

i miss you, nikki.
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    u2 - duh.


In reply to some of the commnets made from my post on re-discovering the joys of listening to U2... I find myself a lot like Mel Gibson in the movie Conspiracy theory. I can't stop buying U2 CDs. If my Joshua Tree disc has a minor scratch on it, oops, time for a new one. If my case of Zooropa breaks, ah! a new one! heheh obsessed, I know.