April 2nd, 2004


Anybody bored? Im awake here at midnight in Atlanta. the temperature is about 50 degrees. Im out of coffee so I'm just sort of running on adrenaline to get some work done. I'd love some company! Anywhos yeah. Please. Msg me. hehehe

AIM: Gravitysdream
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I am new here and I'm just saying hi.  Im Jake, 17, i live in Charlotte, NC and im a huge U2 fan! Im really into collecting bootlegs, i trade all the time.  Im happily obsessed.  Ive saw them on the Elevation tour and i barely remember it but it was great.  Ive got the bootleg so it helps.  My list of bootlegs can be found in the U2 youth community (link in my profile).  If anyone wants to trade that'd be sweet.  Im hopefully gonna be getting 4 more within the next few weeks.



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Hello Everyone Im new to the community. Im a huge fan of U2, I could use some friends, add me, Ill add you.

Would anyone know when and if U2's coming anywhere near the New Jersey area anytime soon?

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