April 13th, 2004

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(this was cross-posted to my personal journal a few days ago, so I apologize for the repetition for some of you!)

Recently I took a trip to Death Valley, and just outside of the park lies the remains of THE Joshua tree. This was my second attempt at locating it, and with my both of my parents along this time, we were successful.

Click on the image below to view an album of pictures we shot of the tree.

Another fan constructed a plaque, and someone else left a vinyl copy of the album to serve as a guestbook. Another guestbook --this one in the form of a notebook and pencils inside a thick plastic tube, can be found at the site. If you live or ever find yourself in southern California, I think it's well worth the effort to search for the tree. It was a fun challenge and extremely rewarding when it paid off in the end!