April 23rd, 2004

Strokin' It!

"1st Ever U2 Convention In California"

I recommend that people should come out to California in October to check this out. The organizers, Dennis Crow and Brian Streeter are really nice guys. They also organized and held the 1st Ever U2 Convention In Chicago in 1996 which I attended. I emailed Streeter last year and he said that he was thinking of holding another one in Miami but I guess they finally decided on California to be the location in 2004. Lots of U2 rarities and collectibles. Bootleg people beware! Streeter and Crow don't like bootleggers so you'll probably have to keep it underwraps with some of the dealers and so on at the convention. I managed to buy a couple of videos from this one dealer but Streeter kept him in the back of the convention floor because other officials knew he was dealing boots under the table. Other than that...it's really a great time. Not as big as the infamous BEATLEFEST that travels all around the world but I think it will be enjoyed by old and new U2 fans alike.

I'll be there.