April 29th, 2004

bettie mae

I'm new *waves*

Just wanted to introduce myself, as I have been lurking for a while now...

My name is Kate, I'm from Pittsburgh, PA, and I love U2 :). I have been a fan ever since I was born (thanks to my dad), but the album All That You Can't Leave Behind and the song Beautiful Day really reinforced my love for them. Unfortunately, I missed them on the Elevation tour due to a number of reasons (it was on a school night, show was sold out, plus the fact that I was only eleven years old at the time probably had something to do with it, etc), but I'll deffinitely be seeing them when they tour again. Anyways, I'm starting to ramble on, so I'll end this right here, but I wanted to introduce myself, and I'm looking forward to posting here :).
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Singing along (or not)

New topic... which U2 song(s) are you best at singing along to?

I haven't given this much thought yet, but off the top of my head - on a good day I can do a kickarse New Year's Day!  Actually, pretty much all of War... early Bono seems to suit my voice, with all the screamy stuff. *g*

Also, which songs CAN'T you sing to save your life?!  I nearly always have trouble hitting a suitable octave for Stay and Van Diemen's Land, for some reason - I either start too low or too high, and then find I can't reach certain notes further on...
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    War (hence the train of thought)
U2 is love


hi everyone *waves* i've been lurking here for a while...so I thought I'd come out of the shadows and say hi.
hm. so hi. :)
I'm Katelyn..I'm 18 years old...and i live in Cleveland OH. And well, you could say I'm a bit obsessed with U2. Okay, so I'm a little more obsessed than I should be. But U2 is my passion. I think you all understand that. And if you don't, well then don't mind me, I'm crazy. mmmk. now I'm just rambling. Just thought I'd say hi...
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