May 17th, 2004

penny lane dancing

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Cool how one of my best friend's cousin had the honor of having Bono speak at his graduation today. Raise your hand if you're jealous.

if I could through myself set your spirit free I'd lead your heart away see you break, break away into the light and to the day...
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Twitchy Winky


yeah, i'm kinda unsure if i should be even asking as this is not exactly the place to deal with this post...but i've got this challenge from my therapist and it is to share some of my writting with my people. As i do not trust people such as friends and family to give me an honest oppinion i'm asking if anyone would be kind enough to go to my LJ and read the poem i posted and give some feedback; positive and negative, as long as it is an honest oppinion, i don't care. um...yeah. it woulb greatly appreciated, but no one has to do it.
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