May 31st, 2004

lightning like me


Someone needs a HAIR CUT!

Do you think he's starting to look a bit old now? Really getting into the "old rocker" stage? heh. He didn't look so bad during the Elevation tour...but now seems to be ageing a bit.

Long hair...revisiting Live Aid...making a new record that is "raw" and maybe a bit like the old days of Boy and War...? HE WANTS TO BE YOUNG AGAIN! haha.

*sings*"...mid life crisis..."
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lightning like me

The Australian U2 Show.

I have been meaning to post this for ages...and now am finally doing so. So...umm...yay me!

I know there are some peoples who hate the concept of a tribute band...because they mostly (quite rightly) suck. But when the tribute band is actually good...and are real musicians with real voices...they really can provide and excellent and fun night's entertainment.

One such group that does so is The Australian U2 Show ( )...a group of 4 U2ized Aussie guys who have been bringing the joy of U2 to Melbourne (and the rest of Australia) for about 12 years! And they really have become experts at their craft. Sure...they're nothing like the REAL THING...but for someone who's never had the opportunity to see the real thing live (since they DITCHED us on the Elevation Tour...and I won't go into Popmart (rah...parents!))...I was more than happen to finally catch some "live U2" action!

The setting, appropriately, was St Patrick's Day earlier this year at the OzU2 Show's home base, The Dan O'Connell Pub in Melbourne. A cold but clear autumn night...and a park full of drunk Irish.

They pretty much just ran through the Slane Castle set list...and I must rocked! They really got the crowd going...and the music was great. As I said...they are all real they had no more help from backing and the sound board than the real U2 have. The only "look alike" really is the guy who plays "Bono"...but in the end...looks don't matter than much. They dress the right way, move the right way...and sound the right way (well...close enough)!'s a BUNCH of photos from the night! Be warned: could take a while to load if you're on dial-up.

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The Alarm - James

Live Aid II

So it looks like U2's Bono is going to put on a secornd Live Aid in 2005 to "celebrate" 20 years since that momentous event of 1985 .....

In principle a good idea if done for the right reason ... by this I mean yes everyone "will benefit" from exposure for their own careers ... but I hope there is a blanket ban on any act using it to promote a latest single or album ...

Now how about all acts that perform have to do "cover versions" of songs that fit the theme of helping others ....

Now who should play and what to perform .... mmmm

Of course up for the Alarm doing Neil Youngs "Rockin' In The Freeworld" and how about Big Country's "In a Big Country" or "Chance" ....

Or The Alarm's Mike Peters and Bono going back into their past to perform a version of Knockin' On Heavans Door in memorial to Stuart Adamson of Big Country.

Bono, Mike and Stuart performed it together on stage back in 1984 I think it was.
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