June 9th, 2004


SO I have this vinyl of Boy. It's got the picture of the BOY on it. So that means its not the American release. So would that make it the European release? That's what I'm assuming. But I know that some releases of some cds are from specific countries. So what exactly is the deal with this- does anyone know? Any idea how much it'd be worth? On the back cover it says "ILPS 9646" and on the actual record it says has that and also "ILPS 9646-B" if that makes any difference. Anyone have information/ know what the deal is?
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News from the Internet Movie Database (http://www.imdb.com).

Britney Snubs Bono's Kids
Pop princess Britney Spears snubbed rock legend Bono after a gig in Ireland last week, by refusing to meet his kids. The U2 frontman took his four children to Britney's sell-out concert in Dublin and they were desperate to meet the star backstage. But an insider tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "Britney was having none of it. She just point-blank refused to meet them and they were very disappointed. She made some excuse about being too tired. It's ridiculous if she thinks she's too important to meet the offspring of a legend like Bono." However the singer was less evasive to some special guests - according to sources she welcomed former lover Colin Farrell and his pals backstage with open arms. The insider adds, "Some of Farrell's neighbors were there with their children and Britney had them ushered straight inside."
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