June 27th, 2004

made by me (ambacardi)

Welllll what do we have here?

Last night I was digging through the "New Arrivals" section at a local used CD store, I'm digging through Saturdays haul and I catch a glimpse of a rather interesting picture. I didn't look at any of the titling on the front and after 2 seconds I realized this was a U2 CD cover I had never seen before, then I look next to the picture and see I have just found the Salome sessions.

The CD's are in perfect condition and I think this is truly a lucky find, and for only 18bucks. Huzzah! So now I'm going to go listen to the CD's. I don't believe I've ever heard any of the songs on this CD (For shame!). For those who have these CD's, I'm curious to know what your favorites are. :)
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