June 28th, 2004

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Vote For U2!

From interference.com::.

"U2 vs Nirvana

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, ESPN is running a series of polls looking for the best in sports and pop culture over the past quarter century. The first round matchups in the music category are currently under way with U2 facing off against Nirvana. Of U2, the site says, "When a group that hit it big 20 years ago goes on tour, everyone groans when they play 'the new stuff.' Well, not U2. Not only have they stayed on top for close to three decades, but they've also used their fame and fortune to speak out on political issues -- something you don't see most artists do. "

Other first round matchups are Michael Jackson vs. Guns 'n Roses, Madonna vs. Whitney Houston and Run DMC vs. Garth Brooks.

The race between U2 and Nirvana is currently very close. The winner of this matchup will face off with the winner of the Run DMC/Garth Brooks fight."

Vote: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/espn25/story?page=bracket/round1/U2_nirvana
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