July 5th, 2004

New album sound...ect.

From @U2.com ---

"...As for the album, a fan who recently returned from Dublin was fortunate to be able to hear 12 new songs (probably the whole album!) and says "They're fantastic!!! Two are ballads, and three are pure rock, very fast rhythm. One has "Electrical Storm"'s guitar riff, I suppose it's the same as another fan told it is between "Electrical Storm" and "Beautiful Day." One has a bluesy tone and the others are more melodic. Two have a very powerful bass line."

There's also some word-of-mouth tour info up on there, but this is what really caught my eye.
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original jackson (courtesy of sharoo)

U2 to play Croke Parke?

**Belfast Telegraph: U2 set for return to Croke Park

U2 set for return to Croke Park
05 July 2004

Almost 20 years after they first set their fans rocking in Croke Park,
Bono and U2 are set to repeat the performance on the hallowed GAA turf.

Secret negotiations have been under way to clinch the GAA headquarters
for a U2 concert next May as the band want to play a major open air
venue for their legions of Irish fans.

In 1987, the last time Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton
were in Croke Park, 120,000 ecstatic fans sung and screamed their way
through two concerts.

It is understood that tickets for the May 2005 gig will go on sale just
before Christmas, but in September the band will release their new
album which still remains untitled.

And after the Croke Park show next May, U2 will be heading to the UK to
perform at the Glastonbury Festival which attracted over 150,000 fans
last weekend.

U2 have played twice at Slane Castle but they regard their 1987 gig at
Croke Park as one of the high points of their concert career.
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