July 7th, 2004

Everlasting Love

I was at the theatre today watching the abysmal King Arthur and normally I would have gone home mad, BUT... I was lucky enough to see a preview for the movie 'Wimbledon'. It looked like the average romantic comedy that I'd never watch, but then U2's Everlasting Love started playing and I was totally sucked in. That makes two movies that Everlasting Love has appeared in! (Forces of Nature was the first...)

I guess I'd much rather hear Ultraviolet (I mean, that song could make me see any movie, even if it was just a documentary on light), but this'll do just fine I guess.

I'm new here BTW, so umm... hi everybody.
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There's this new community called streat_teem on lj where you can choose a band to "sponsor." Basically, you post news or updates on a certain band or bands. It's interseting.

only a few people can sponsor a single band, and i'm already doing u2, but a few more people can also. If there are any other bands you want to sponsor, you can do that too.