July 14th, 2004

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Hey I'm Maia, 17 from England. U2 are pretty much my first musical memory from when I was little, and although my musical taste has since become slighlty more um... diverse, I still have a lot of love for what I grew up with. I'm planning on getting a U2 tattoo next year, maybe with some lyrics as well [probably from the Pop album, that being my favorite].
I'd love to see them live one day. That'd be a dream come true. Is there a pretty big age range here? And how did you all start listening to them?
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Hi! I haven't introduced myself yet so I figured I would too. I'm 22 and just recently became a U2 fan. However, I liked their music growing up (the 80's stuff) but I didn't really get too into any kind of music when I was younger.

I liked some foolish boy who liked U2 alot. That kind of reintroduced me to them and I realized that I liked a lot more of their music than I had realized. Oh ya, that and Bonos hotness made me a fan :o).