July 17th, 2004

penny lane dancing

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I just got home from an O.A.R. concert in Houston - great show, but it got even better towards the end of their set when they covered With or Without You! This guy, Matt Nathanson (he had been an opener) came our and sang it with them. I went completely crazy when they started playing it - it was awesome! They did a really, really good job with it, I thought.

(you read this already if you read my LJ haha)
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I think there could be no better high than listening to "Pride" at top volume.

I once told my mother that this was the only song that I ever felt could make me feel like I was flying.

And I think it is moments like this that reaffirm my belief that U2 is the greatest band on Earth. There is nothing else that gives me a feeling like Pride does.

(damn, I can't wait until I can drive by myself and blast U2!)

/end complete dorkiness
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Uncut Legends: U2

For all those who may not have discovered yet, the U2 tribute issue of Uncut is in America! I found mine at Barnes and Noble. It's excellent, save for a few errors....I'd recommend it to everyone!
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