July 18th, 2004


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From http://www.swaggerandstyle.com/dallas/interviews.htm

As I see it, this could be one of the GREATEST collection of songs for a new U2 Cd/DVD ever made! The Edge has played some of his most innovative guitar moments and recording tracks that I have witnessed. Bono’s singing has been simply the most brilliant performances with his voice being in top form on this record. His guitar playing on this project is as well to be reckoned with and often provides the canvas for The Edge to follow with even more guitar ideas………..Adam’s very very fresh big time bass grooves and tremendous comments and direction with the record….Larry drums on this recording like he is 17 years old...really full on……

It doesn't read too well, but I like what he's saying. ;)
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Someone help me...
I can't find the U2 Uncut special anywhere! :( My Barnes and Noble has the Paul McCartney edition, is that the previous or the following edition to U2's issue?
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I know that this was a long time ago when U2 played during the Elevation show in Vancouver.

There was a guy in the audience who looked EXACTLY like Bono dressed as McPhisto. He had the facial features of BONO.

I was too shy to say anything but I really want to know who that guy was 'cause he had a really cool costume.

I remember him being inside the heart.

Great Bono Quote......

"With bands, if they make an album you don't like, it's all over. Whereas if your favourite director makes a movie you don't like, you wait for the next one. It's a strange thing."

-- Bono, 2001

Just wanted to share it!!
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