July 21st, 2004

More UNCUT Legends talk

I just wanted to say that I picked up the mag today, read it cover to cover already...and it's great! Although, I don't understand why they included some of the quotes they did.
HOWEVER, This part made me cry:
"During the Joshua Tree tour in 1987 when Bono genuinely feared a bullet from a lunatic after a threat before a gig in LA, the singer assumed it would most likely happen during 'Pride (In the Name of Love)', the song that celebrated Martin Luther King. Crouching down, to sing it, he closed his eyes, When he opened them, he saw his bassist stood between him and the audience."
I love you, Adam Clayton. That is so sweet, saving Bono. Aw.
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The Edge in Guitar Player!

Hey all! I was reading the newest issue of Guitar Player and I found Edge quotes in the back, or rather, quotes about Edge in the back. Here's what Quinn Allman from The Used said about Mr. Evans:

"I started out listening to punk and hardcore, and I like riffs, but if you just play intense riffs, you'll ultimately be held back by the intensity. The Edge taught me about creating textures, and to just let the guitar sit back. Now I look at guitar kind of like an elastic band. You can sit there and snap it, but if you pull back on it slowly, when you finally let it go, it's really going to snap."

Is it just me, or do you guys get excited when other artists speak (fondly!) about U2?

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