July 22nd, 2004

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Bono speaks

Bono (on stolen CD release): "If it is on the internet this week, we will release it immediately as a legal download on iTunes, and get hard copies into the shops by the end of the month. It would be a real pity. It would screw up years of work and months of planning, not to mention fucking up our holidays. But once it's out, it's out."

Read the entire article HERE

:( I hope the fucking bastard doesn't post them on the internet.

Edit::: no censoring for Bono, lol!
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Can we get a show of hands?

Poll #324850 The New Album

If the New Album ends up on the Internet, what will you do?

I will download it illegally the minute it hits my screen
I will download it legally from iTunes
I will not download it, because I think it's disrespectful to the band
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(no subject)

In New Orleans and the surrounding area, the radio station 105.3 the Zone just played HTDAAB in its ENTIRETY on the radio. I was just wondering if anyone heard it/had a similar experience where they are.
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(no subject)

Hello there :)
I'm going to Los Angeles and to San Francisco next week.. and I was wondering: do any of you guys know of any U2 references in Los Angeles or San Francisco? Like.. something I should go and see 'cause it's U2-related...
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