July 28th, 2004


So I voluntered my day yesterday at the DNC right outside the fleet center handing out stickers thanking DEAN, and DEAN Democrats for Kerry stickers. Anways, One of the guys i was working with got some passes to get into the convention. Now, I knew Bono was going to be there but c'mon now what are the chances?? We were waiting for forever for the elevator so we can get some seats in time to see Dean and Obama speak. I got a phone call from my friend who was watching the whole thing at home and she told me Bono was there and they had just shown him on TV. I told her yeah i knew thats great... blah blah blah ttyl. Then a fellow Deaniac turns around and says hey look its bono you should go take a picture.. I knew he heard me talking about him. So i thought to myself dude you shouldn't even joke about things like that.. Then all of a sudden I see Bono and Ali walking towards where we were waiting by the elevators.. I just stared at him walking towards me saying Oh MY God!! omg, omg,omg.. Thats about all i could say..Not only did he see my freaking out he noticed I was wearing my U2 elevation tour t-shirt and came up to me a gave me a big long hug!!!! <3!!! I told him it was soo good to see him. He asked me what I was up to and I kinda stutered for a bit and blurted out supporting Kerry! :) Im still kinda outta of it. I just wasn't expecting to meet him. I have met him 2 other times which I was waiting for him but the was so surreal.. I guess it shouldn't be but i am still in shock!!
I later followed him into the elevator he and ali had gotten onto with a bunch of other nicley dressed people. I was asked if i was a kennedy and i was like what??! then they told me only the kennedys and Bono on this elevator you gotta get out. Ok i said but i managed to snap a quick profile of him talking to ali with my camera phone while leaving..
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Today at the record store, I saw a 45 for I Will Follow. It was kinda beat up so I didn't buy it, BUT this was the first time I had EVER seen it (and I do a LOT of record shopping). Was this potentially something rare or worthwhile that I passed up?

Thanks for the info!
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