August 6th, 2004


Quizzie answers

Thanks for the amazing response to my little quiz. I had fun putting it together, and it seems like everyone had fun having a go at it.

Here are the answers...I'll use a cut, so in case some of you haven't tried it yet, you can scroll back a couple of days and give it a go without me ruining your fun...

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stdivine (good thing checked to make sure you had answered them all!) and stateless got every question and the two bonuses right (18 points). Please heap praise and admiration on them!

signifiers, canadanne, and sirensong984 got 17 points by either getting all Q's right and missing a bonus, or missing one quesition and getting both bonuses. They are also worthy of starry-eyed admiration.

And most of the rest of you got one or two questions wrong, proving that, in our hearts, we're all U2 geeks (why else would we be here?)! Now that I have demonstrated that I have wayyy too much time on my hands, I'd love to see others posting U2 trivia. Because I'm sure there's someone out there who has more U2 knowledge jammed into their brain than I do!

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So I went to my local bookstore today to continue my search for the Uncut: Legends issue. But once again, they didn't have it. So instead, I bought the U2 bible, U2 At The End Of The World.

I'd read it before a few years back, and loved it. And for some reason, I especially liked the story at the end about young Bono and the bee.

Anyone else wanna share their favorite anecdotes from the book?
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I just finally ordered my Zooropa lithograph and t-shirt. Rock on. Err or Dream Out Loud whichever sounds best. I wonder why their isn't any for the Joshua Tree? Hmm
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