August 7th, 2004

The North Sea

A must for all you guys

This month's edition of Record Collector has a big section on U2. The top 50 U2 collectibles! Also Chas De Walley writes about producing the seesions that gave us U2-3!

Picked my copy up this evening at work, well worth the read!

Get it or be square!!! :P
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Peter Rowan

The other day I found a U2 teeshirt for only $2-- it's white and has the Boy cover art (the photo of Peter Rowan, not the US Boy cover), with the words "U2- Boy" up top. It's nifty; a bit large, but it's become my new sleep shirt. Anyway, it got me wondering about Peter Rowan, and what he looks like today. I Googled it and came up with this website, but the "recent" picture wasn't the best quality and it's hard to see him well. Does anyone have any current/recent photos of Peter? I'm curious. Thanks. :)