August 9th, 2004


Enjoying the concert and making your SO happy

Has anybody ever had the following experience?:

You take your spouse/Significant Other to their first U2 concert. Said SO likes the band but is nowhere near the crazy obsessed fan you are. After the show, Spouse/SO says they liked the show, but complains that you paid them little attention during the concert and feels like you didn't care that they were there with you.

My big question is how to avoid this situation. I mean, I'm there to see U2, I get into the show because, well, it's U2! But how do you get the most out of the show while enjoying the fact that you're thre with someone special to you?

The above experience happened when I took my ex to see Elevation. It was my fifth show of the tour so by then, she figured I would not be quite so excitable about seeing them. Problem was they played Out of Control for the second time on tour and, well, I went a little nutty! (can you blame me?) I was of course standing and cheering and jumping for the whole show, while she sat and looked disinterested for most of the show. Now, she was generally not into live music, but nonetheless, I have a new girlfriend now that I want to introduce to the U2 live experience, but I don't want a repeat of my last attempt at such an introduction!

So, what are the communities experiences and suggestions with this perilous endeavour??