August 17th, 2004


oh, oh, walk on....

I have a random U2 story to share.
The other night I was at a restaurant with friends, and they were playing some good music playing in the background....then, just as there was a lull in conversation, I hear: not the easy thing...
I gasped - audibly, lol. It was rather funny - my friends were looking at me like I was crazy. So I had to explain to them that this is a U2 song with an amazingly hot intro - I haven't heard this song in a really long time and it caught me off guard, lol.
Don't you just love unexpected U2 moments? :)

Oh, and I found these great pics on the site that zoo_tv_nore posted: <-- love the super model pose! <-- ...drool

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While casually thumbing through magazines the other day at my grandmother's, I noticed a quote by Britney Spears... normally I'd ignore the person, but I noticed the word 'Bono' and was like LASER FOCUS! @__@ Thinking, of course, that since she worked with him on the 'What's Goin On' project surely she'd have something decent to say....

you can imagine my annoyance - and amusement - when her quote turned out to be something along the lines of "I think he's using his work in undernurished countries to make people respect his music." Now, at first I was angered beyond belief! This little stripper pop princess talking about Bono like this?! But then it occured to me how incredibly funny her use of "Undernurished Countries" was, and all my anger was laughed away...

I've been back to my grandmother's twice trying to find the magazine, because for the life of me I can't remember which one it was in... anyone else see this little.... insight from Ms. Spears?

Yay for Vh1 Classics

Today I got home from work, settled in on the couch, and flipped on Vh1 Classics. And what came on? Gloria!!!! I've never seen that video, so it was really cool.

Oh, hey, what do you know, its Tuesday. Which means it was Tuesday Twoplay...

so Gloria was followed by Even Better Than the Real Thing. I loved that video too, and I especially love how different the two were :)

I was so excited :)

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