August 22nd, 2004

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Sooooooooo Funny!!!!!!

I was IMing with canadanne and we were talking about the U2 community and she sent me the funniest link! Well, I think it is hilarious anyway. =) Sometimes I forget what a total dork I am.. until I go back and read something like this.


Anyone else have links to old funny as hell U2'ish posts to share? I want to read them so I do not feel so alone in my dorkedness!

BTW, if you scroll down on that page you can see a couple of my U2 tatts =)
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The other day my friend and I were listening to "with or without you" and she asked me what I thought the song was about. although, i have sung along to this tune many a time... I had never really thought much about an interpertaion.

I know everyones interpertaion will be different. But, what is yours?

Also, have any of the boys offered their explanation in an interview?

Thanks.. and have a beauitful day.
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