August 23rd, 2004

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Looking for some U2 video stills/captures?
From any of thier videos, but Sweetest Thing in particular when Bono is holding the bouqet of flowers :):):)

Thanks for everything!
I'm quickly falling in love with how helpful this community is!
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lol wut

Rattle and Hum -wow U2 rocks.

Last night was spent packing and cleaning because I'm headed back to Milwaukee on Friday for school.
'I'm sick of cleaning' I said to myself, 'I deserve a little U2 time.'

My favorite era of U2 was/is/always will be Achtung Baby, but last night I decided to add on Rattle and Hum. While I was watching the R&H DVD, I was absolutely amazed. When I was younger, my sisters and I would watch R&H over and over again, but last night was the first time in probably 7 years. I remembered all the dialogue and every little action of Bono's.

I guess this is sort of pointless, but I just had to express my wonder and amazement at this beautiful thing we all call U2.

God bless 'em.
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THis just makes me very happy!!!!

TIME's Sneak Peak of New U2 Album


They are now men of a certain age, and it no longer becomes them to aspire to be things they are not. So there's no crunk-style rapping on the new U2 album, no gospel choirs or techno experiments, nothing that could possibly be misinterpreted as a sign of midlife crisis. Instead, this as-yet-untitled album is just full of confident, expansive guitar rock from the masters of the form. All the old tricks — the Edge's echoing guitar notes, Larry Mullen Jr.'s martial snare — still work, although Bono has lost a touch of the high clarity he had in his mullet-sporting days. He still has enormous assuredness, and the occasional cracks in his voice make the bad-relationship songs (and, as always, there are quite a few) darker and more dramatic. Custom would seem to demand that U2 start embarrassing itself one of these days. But not today. --By Josh Tyrangiel
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