August 31st, 2004


Neil McCormick interview on Teletext

If any UK people happen to be awake right now, you may be interested in ITV Teletext p142, which currently has a 7-page article about Neil McCormick's relationship with Bono (I think it's excerpts from his new book 'I Was Bono's Doppelganger'). Mum told me about the feature this morning but I completely forgot to look until now - it may have disappeared by tomorrow morning. Sorry about that!

They're also offering a £10 voucher for the star letter about U2 fandom, favourite U2 song, etc. I don't know what kind of voucher it is, but I presume it's only of use to UK residents. You can send your letters to along with your name and full address.

U2: The Early Years

If you have never seen the U2: The Early Years sketch that appeared now TWELVE years ago on the short-lived Ben Stiller Show, you have missed one of the most hilarious send ups of Bono and the gang.

Comedy Central just got through broadcasting the episode which I haven't seen since it first aired, and I have to say it had me in tears once again. . .

Witness Bullet The Blue Sky turn into Haveh Nagila. . . Andy Dick as Clayton, and of course, One turn into a Lucky Charms commercial. This is one I am sure Bono has laughed his ass off at. . .

Though the visuals are everything, the transcript of the first portion is Collapse )

Do yourself a favor if you haven't seen it and find a copy of The Ben Stiller Show DVD. It was just released this year. . .


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To Richard Hare, I would like to thank him for sharing the early issues of Propaganda. One of the reasons I haven't had time to post here recently is because of this

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Bono and Larry in Creepers!


i am looking for any good pictures of Larry Or/And Bono in their Creepers:

pictures where you can clearly make out that the shoes they are wearing are creepers. if anybody can help that would be awesome! :) i know bono has worn the plain black ones, and larry has animal print ones (around pop era for sure) so yeah... if anybody has pictures ... please pass them on to me! :)
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i heart you

just a little blurb...

this story might bore some of you but i still thought it would be good to post it.

i just came back from a trip to Mexico City. while i was there i saw my dad's family who i haven't seen in about 7 years. and as we were making small talk and what not they asked who my favorite band was and what kind of music i was into. and, of course, i answered U2. and this was my uncles response:
"oh those guys....yeah theyre great. with that Bono guy." *as he put his hands to his eyes and made a shape of glasses* "yeah with those glasses....hahaha. awesome guy. and he's such a generous and giving guy i hear."

i guess it's just good to know that Bono and his famous trademark are known all around the world.

First U2 Concert.....

When was your first concert??

Where did it take place??

Which band/bands opened for the boys??

Your age at the time???

Which songs were you dying to hear???

Highlights of the show??(if you can remember them)

I thought it would cool to share the experience of seeing U2 for the first time since the boys are going on tour next year and there is going to be WHOLE LOTTA fans going to see them for the first time.

My Details:



Rage Against The Machine


Still, Streets, Disco, AIWIY, EBTTRT, MW and WOWY


*When Bono stared at ME for what seem like eternity but was just about 30 seconds, maybe, a girl can dream though right??
*The Boys entrance to the place, they pass right by where I was,
*Davey Jones scaring the crap out of Edge
*Seeing a whole lot of "Stars" in the audience when the lights when up
*Singing every damn word to every song and even making up some words
*Going to the concert with my older siblings

more later!!!