September 1st, 2004

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Uh huh huh.
Bono voted the fourth greatest vocalist ever in MTV2's 22 Greatest Vocalists of all time (Whitney Houston, Freddie Mercury and, uh, Mariah Carey were above him) .
Well. We all know that he should have been number 1, but still... pretty damn good!
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Bono and O'Reilley

I think Bono did an excellent job on The O'Reilley Factor (on Fox News Network) tonight. He was speaking intelligently and made good arguments for why the United States should give more money to help Africa. I especially liked how he compared this with The Marshall Plan.

I was surprised how well O'Reilley treated him. Bill seems to me to be a big jerk most of the time, but not when talking to Bono. He had good questions, and presented his arguments well. Bono had a great comeback for each one.

It seems they agree, at least at some points. I wanted to go to the DATA rally in Philie, but I missed it to a previous engagement. However, I will probably be sending them a donation sometime soon. :)
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