September 6th, 2004

dream beneath the desert sky


A friend of mine called me this morning to inform me of an all-day U2 onslaught on 103.1 here in So Cal. They're calling it Monday Bloody Monday and they are going to premier Vertigo sometime today...**DIES OF EXCITMENT.** You can either hear it on 103.1 in So Cal or LISTEN LIVE. Even if I don't here Vertigo today I'm just beside myself at the fact that they're playing songs that you never hear on the radio.

I AM OFFICIALLY DEAD in a good way!!! :D

EDIT: they may or may not play it because it's supposed to go to radio stations on 9/24. But they keep saying they'll play it. Who really knows. **Is a happy camper anyway**
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penny lane dancing

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This acoustic version of Sunday Bloody Sunday that 103.1 is playing right now is one of the most haunting songs I've ever heard...I have goosebumps all over my body. It's so beautiful...
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city of blinding lights

help... i just might have a panic attack

someone... please tell me everything is going to be all right.

i leave for hawaii on a trip for school on nov. 22. i don't know if i'm going to be able to get the new cd on the 23. i told my friend that i would sit on 'beautiful' waikiki beach in the fetal position crying for days if i can't get it and listen to it. i think i will. i'm almost crying now because of my hopeless situation.

peace and bad lemon,
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