September 7th, 2004


New U2 single details

From NME.COM...

U2 have covered electro legends KRAFTWERK on their new single, NME.COM. can reveal.

A cover of the German group’s ‘Neon Lights’ will feature on the single ‘Vertigo’, which is out on November 8.

The track is the first single from the band’s as-yet-untitled 11th album. The song was recorded at Hanover Keys studio in Dublin and produced by Steve Lillywhite.

Other B-sides are new song ‘Are You Gonna Wait Forever?’, and a remix of the title track by Jack Knife Lee. The single will come out on two CDs and DVD single, featuring a video for the song.

In related news, U2 fans are trying to work out if a ‘leak’ contains a number of new songs from the group.

Internet fan websites are currently trying to work out the authenticity of two songs, which have been named ‘Love And Peace Or Else’ and ‘Miracle Drug’ and are currently being traded online.

There was no official confirmation on what the songs were when NME.COM went to press.

- Most of us will have heard a snippet of U2's version of Neon Lights, which I find interesting but cringe worthy at the same time. Here's hoping its a much better version. Tho as I said at the time, its one of those tunes that probably shouldn't be covered by anyone.
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Today's English IV was so cool.

We were supposed to do this thing about our hero...and well i do admire Bono for all the stuff he has done, and I did it about him. And when the teacher gave me the paper back she put me 100 and wrote, "I like Bono too!" that was so cool.

U2's LOVE!!!!

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Petitions against Indie 103.1

I know some people have said to just move on. I know some people are rolling their eyes about the whole thing. But there are still a lot of people who are incredibly angry and frustrated about the whole Indie 103.1 fiasco (including me), so I created 2 petitions.

To express you general displeasure with the idiots at Indie 103.1, go here:

To tell Principle Management you think they should do something about this, go here:

Read, sign if you agree, and spread the word. Thanks!

(also posted on the chaos that has become Interference.)
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