September 15th, 2004

Arrested Development

Unforgettable Fire

I remember hearing sometime in the past that the line in the song "Unforgettable Fire" : "And if the mountains should crumble/ or disappear into the sea/not a tear, no not I" is an allusion to or reference from some other source, a poem or another song. Has anyone else heard this and know where it's from or am I imagining things?

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I have been listening to some of the (pretty bad quality) leaked u2 songs.
I am intrigued as to how people have gotten them.
In one of them, love and peace or else, it sounds like someone is standing recording this from a croner of a street. All I can hear is what sounds like passing cars. :\ I'm a bit more exicted about this album now. Still hate the album title though. :D
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Elevate Me Here

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Okay... major question!

I've finally got ahold of some of the new music clips. Awesome and I can't wait! However, I got this weird techno/guitar, Bono singing song that is labeled U2 - Vertigo, but don't recognize the lyrics. Do they have a remixed version of it already leaked? Has anyone else heard this? I got it off WimMx.


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achtung baby

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it hasnt been said today,

do you feel loved is an amazing song.

the moment of explosion around 3 minutes 19seconds is a prime example of how amazing the band is when everything comes together.