September 16th, 2004

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Re:'s exclusive U2 interview

So who exactly was interviewed in's recent interview with U2?

Reading through it, I couldn't quite grasp who the subject of the interview was. It can't not Bono; "U2" responds to one question: "Bono says it best..." Could it be one of the producers? After all, a producer could get away with saying "I think..." and then, on behalf of the band, "we think" (which is pretty much what happens in the article).

There're also some answers in the interview that kinda irk me, that seem rather made up... responding to a tour-related question, there's: "[there's] a new software that anyone can get called "Vertigo." Vertigo lets you make 3-D images that can be projected on to a big screen. It's stunning and its applications in a live show are unlimited." That anyone can get? Wouldn't U2 go for a more exclusive product? Plus, the fact that it's named "Vertigo" made me feel all-the-more gumshoe-y.

And then, almost at the end of the article, there's the bit that bothered me the most: "We are no doubt going into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame very soon. It's staggering and humbling." Are U2 really that arrogant??!

To call the interview a work of fiction would definitely be premature, but... I dunno. It just comes off as a bit shifty to me.

Any thoughts?

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I know this is something you don't often think about (and it is maybe hard to think about, haha), but...

What is your least favorite song on each album?

Boy - The Ocean
October - Stranger in a Strange Land
War - Red Light
The Unforgettable Fire - 4th of July
The Joshua Tree - Red Hill Mining Town (this was the hardest... I can't say I don't like anything on JT)
Rattle & Hum - Van Diemen's Land
Achtung Baby - Zoo Station
Zooropa - Daddy's Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car
Pop - Miami
ATYCLB - Grace

And since I have to balance that out with a more positive question... who has done your favorite U2 cover? I say Ari Hest's cover of Running to Stand Still.
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OK I'm having an argument about U2 with a friend of mine - he hates them. He says they hate America and that they said this:

"America got what it had coming on 9/11"

Please tell me he has been misinformed.