September 20th, 2004


U2 lyric quiz?

I was just trying some online lyric quizzes (I did rather well), and thought it would be fun if someone did one for U2. Post maybe a few dozen U2 lyrics (some obscure, some more well-known) and see who can name the most songs without cheating!  I don't particularly have the time or energy to put one together myself at the moment, but maybe someone else would like to accept the challenge?
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Yesterday was Danny Lanois's birthday, so today on my favorite radio station's lunch hour, they played four songs with a Danny slant:

Danny Lanois - The Maker
U2 - Beautiful Day
Bob Dylan - Lovesick
Peter Gabriel - Big Time

either his own music or music he produced. i rocked out. happy birthday, Danny.
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On the other hand...

This may seem a little blasphemous, but are there any songs you DON'T want to hear live? I personally could do without hearing New York live ever again...I mean, it's good on the cd but was such a major YAWN during the concerts.
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