September 25th, 2004


U2-ness at B.B. King show

Just got back from seeing B.B. (and Dr. John) here in Houston. When B.B. was introducing his band, the following occurred:

B.B.: There have been so many people who have done so many things for me. One of them is this band U2--
ME: Whooooooooooo!
B.B.: They have this guitar player they like to call The Edge--
B.B: *pause* No, they're not here.

Heh, it was pretty cool. Then he said that Edge "makes the guitar sound like a rhythm section" and that the only other guy he's ever heard do that is the guy in his band.

Oh, and later he did play When Love Comes to Town, a really cool long jazzy version with horns.
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TOTP (uk)

The video for vertigo was on UK top of the pops last night, somebody posted a link a few entries back to where you can download it...

you can also watch it on the TOTP site:

TOTP is repeated sometime Sunday, also.

AND, the boys will be on TOTP 15th October, LIVE !!! (the presenters said on totp that they were gonna be on...) Check the TOTP website nearer the time, they tell you who's going to be on then.
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Under Attack


Heard the single for the first time this morning. I like it .. BUT!

A lot of it reminds me of some of the material Coloursound (Mike Peters of the Alarm, Billy Duffy of the Cult, Craig Adams of the Mission and Steve Grantley of SLittle Fingers) recorded and released about 5 years ago.

Has that same harder edeged rock/punk feel to it ...

The bass on Vertigo is a good driving rhythm but reminds me so much of some of Craig's playing in Coloursound.

And Vertigo it's gonna be a number 1 single and the album is gonna smash the rock world if the other tracks are half as good as the lead single on first listen.
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tony almeida

(no subject)

Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some U2 videos of live performances and stuff. I've seen the music videos already. Thanks!
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