September 26th, 2004

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Hi guys,
I was looking through some complilations when shopping yesterday, and I came across a remix of 'In A Little While' on a Cafe Del Mar CD. Has anyone heard the remix? It's done by Nightmares on Wax, and i'm just curious as to what it sounds like.
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Vertigo B-Sides

Hi guys - well, I've already listened to Vertigo about a billion times since Friday. I can't figure out what I think of it, other than that I feel fantastic when it's playing. The sort of song I'd play to get me pumped before a big night out.

I read some posts saying that the b-sides were around the Net too [and that they were great]. I'd love to give them a listen but I don't know where they are. Are there any beautiful people out there who would like to post a link to them for me? I can't give you money, just my eternal gratitude ;)
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vertigo vid

I keep watching the vid clip of Vertigo from TOTP, does anybody else notice Adam looking really good? teehee. He looks better without those glasses, his eyes look young, they make him look younger.

ok, sorry, been awake and asleep in weird doses.
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Vertigo (again)


I'm starting to get into Vertigo the more I listne to it. Im not too thrilled by the sudden change of sound at minutes 147 and 213. Kind of reminds me of the way Gone kinda goes off and does that little slip and slide thing. *shurgs*. From 2:38 on it's super and I like it ending out. heh Im sure by tour time I'll have the bloody thing MEMORIZED and be singing it in my sleep,.
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A poll for you all: Did Edge REALLY post here and here?

On one hand, I do't think Interference would lie, and risk ruining their rep. On the other hand, Edge does not strike me as the multiple-exclamation-points type of person. (Not to mention that he wouldn't spell "disagree" wrong!) There was also a lot of speculation about that interview with U2.

What do you think?

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Wich (music)style of U2 do you prefer?

I prefer the gosple style, like the songs: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Hawkmoon 269 and A Room at the Heartbreak Hotel.

I also love the other styles, I love every style of U2, but the gosple one is perfect...