September 29th, 2004

Da Man - Laid back & Content

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Got in a Radio Mag at the station and it had a quick bit on U2.

Apparently, the November issue of Blender will have them on the cover as will the December issue of SPIN.

The Brighton Rock Star

I can't believe there's been so little mention on here of Bono's speech at the Labour Party Conference today... I thought you'd all be raving about it!  I can only guess that not many people saw it. It really was good, and all the interviewees and news programmes have been unanimous in their glowing praise - it's even been described as the best and most moving speech of the entire conference. A lot of the material was recycled from previous speeches Bono has done, but I was still very impressed, and evidently I was not the only one. :)  I'm so proud of this guy it makes my heart feel like it's going to burst. He was also extremely entertaining up there today - but of course that's nothing new!

I just wish the BBC hadn't cut off the last minute or so of his speech... grrrr!  Anyone know if there's a complete video anywhere online?