October 10th, 2004

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Nancy Sinatra has a version of "Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad" on her new album "Nancy Sinatra".

It features Larry and Adam. Just thought you'd like to know! If this is old news, I apologize. Have a lovely, U2-filled day!
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So,l when I logged onto AIM this afternoon I saw that there was a bit about U2 on the AIM Today window- a picture and a blurb about "Vertigo" with links, etc. I had to log off at some point and get on a different computer. And what did I see that time? Not "U2 Is Back," but "Us is Back."

It's Lum!!

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ok, i'm needing help here. can anyone direct me to a pic that is very clear of the alien boy/baby that is on the cover of zooropa? i'm hopeing to get a tattoo this next weekend and would love to have a good photo of it to see if it is possible to do.