October 12th, 2004

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Hey, I don't know if anyone here's happened to see the killers' video for "somebody told me"- I'd heard the song before and found the video on launch, and...it looks like they're using something that looks a lot like the popmart screen- but I really could be wrong, since I haven't seen live in mexico city and didn't go to a show. Just curious, in case anyone else has noticed this. Its on launch if you want to check it out..
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Sorry if this has already been posted but there is a 30 second U2 ipods commercial and a full 2 minute U2 ipod commercial available at the itunes store..also, the commercial will appear tonight on the WB sometime before or during One Tree Hill

The commercial is like a typical ipod commercial, color backgrounds, black silhouettes, but instead of having ipods their cords to their mic/guitar/bass is white ;)
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Math is beautiful.

(Squee. New iPod commercial.)

In my math class yesterday, we were talking about graphs and bridges and how to go across them only once and end up where you were, and various things like that. We were talking about making graphs to represent the bridges so you could figure out if you could go across just once, and in this process of making graphs, apparently one has to talk a lot about edges.

Which was terribly amusing. To me alone. So I was sitting there, secretly amused, as the professor talked about “multiple edges” and I pictured multiple Edges, and I tried to explain it to the girl next to me, as she likes U2 but not in the same way. It’s not something that one can EXPLAIN, though. It’s not funny if you try to explain it.


It was funny.
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vertigo ipod commercial

w00t! I'm watching the MLB Yanks vs. Red Sox and THE VERTIGO IPOD COMMERCIAL CAME ON!!! I saw it earlier on apple.com, but man, it was awesome. great colors, Bono looking rock starish and great, very cool. Anybody else seen it on tv yet? during what?