October 13th, 2004

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(found this on PLEBA)

"I met this girl at a concert one time and she said she was staying in the same hotel as U2 in Seattle for the POPMart show. After the show she went into the hallway and saw Larry crying. She asked him what was wrong and he said he couldn't sleep because Bono was in his room with the vacuum cleaner on sucking up his bed covers! Can you image baldheaded POPMart Seattle Bono vacuuming your covers while you're trying to sleep? Prolly with an evil laugh! LMAO!! Poor Larry!"

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i dont know if this has been discussed yet but have you guys seen the iPOD commercial with U2 and their Vertigo in it. its awesome. but i still never would have thought U2 would be in a commercial...ya know what i mean? they never striked me as the media hogs...not that theyre hogging media but theyve always been so reserved. eh....i dont know. what do you guys have to say about it?
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Hi, I just joined the group and right away, I have a question.

I'm wondering if anyone can direct me to a good resource to find out if my 45s are originals or re-releases. Or, is there a clue on the discs themselves?
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