October 16th, 2004

U2 is love

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Anyone watching the Notre Dame game?
because they keep playing the ipod commercial
and I heard Elevation in the background at one part of the game.

I can't get enough of the ipod commercial!!
I love it!

just thought i'd share...because it gets me excited to see the commercial and just to hear them on TV...

and on the radio! i was listening to the radio earlier and caught the end of Vertigo.

yay! :)
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Hey guys,
I posted yesterday that I was seeing U2 on CD:UK, and i've just got back. We had to wait for six hours because they were late, but it was worth it. There were only 270 people in the building, and I managed to get right to the front of the walkway!!! They were only about a metre away from me, and I seriously thought I was going to throw up when they came on. They all look good - Adam is looking particularly good :)
They were awesome - I don't know how muh of the new album everyone's heard, but they played a four song set of 'Vertigo', 'Miracle Drug', 'City of Blinding Lights' and 'Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own'. All of the songs were amazing - 'Miracle Drug' is a very beautiful song. If the album is anything like the songs they played tonight, then it'll be awesome.
Anyways, yeah, just thought i'd let you know how it all went. Look out for me on CD:UK - i'm the girl with the red top and brown patterned scarf who's staring in a trance like state at Bono.