October 19th, 2004

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the U2 BBC Rehearsals mp3

I just wanted to let y'all know I uploaded the U2 BBC Rehearsals mp3 to my website for anyone out there who hasn't already heard it... More info in: u2mp3s.

PS: Does anyone know where I can get the video of the TOTP performance? The only links I've found thus far deal with ".torrents" and "hubs" and I'm so darn confused reading the FAQs I think my head is gonna explode! Help?
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I always like to know the opinions of other U2 fans/lovers/worshippers, so lyrically, what are your favourite U2 songs?
I've always had a four way tie between:
1) 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'
2) 'Acrobat'
3) 'Until The End of The World'
4) 'Walk On' (although in this case, i'm inclined to both versions of it).
The Yoda

U2 101

My roommate recently asked me to make her a CD of my favorite U2 songs. Now, it's very difficult narrowing this down, so I'm asking for help from the people who are as... pre-occupied as I am. What should I put on it? She doesn't know much U2 apart from the singles off ATYCLB, so I thought rather than put all my favorites on it (which probably wouldn't fit anyway), I'd try for an 80-minute crash course in U2. I don't want all singles, though, which is making this more difficult than it should be. Thoughts? Anyone?

Also, I'm watching my Slane DVD and it's just hit me how young they were when they wrote 'Sunday Bloody Sunday.' Sheesh, they were almost... baby U2. I'm all mind-boggled. Not sure why that just occurred to me today, but... wow.

Anyway, any suggestions are very appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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my 2 cents on u2 selling out

so there was a comments thread on this below, and i know its come up when the ipod commercial was first released to, and i just wanted to make some quick points that i didn't see in the comments below (i could have missed it though) and thats yes they're getting extra money from this commercialism, but at the same time they're not hurting fans, and their promoting the album, and we don't know where the profits to this are going... i know in the past when they've sold songs money has gone to charity.

w/ the hurting fans thing, i'd prefer a special u2 ipod to increasing prices on other products. i mean we don't have to buy this ipod, i don't feel like i'd really be missing out on exclusive material, the album can still be purchased in album form, and i'd rather have them promote alternative to downloading software then prosecuting downloaders. the artists doing that are the ones that upset me because theres how much of an income difference, and a lot of downloaders still buy albums.

also kind of an example of bad corporate involvement, in bon jovi's most recent tour he offered presales to first people that brought the album, which is understandable, but then after that was a presale for msn users. and there wasn't a limit on the presale so a lot of shows sold out on presales, now the day u2 starts putting corporate money over the availability of their fans to concerts... thats when we have a problem.

and last little thing remember all this advertisement is based on the new album. they're not playing old songs, they weren't doing commercials between albums, vertigo is getting airplay time through that ipod commercial, its kind of the same concept as tv show appearances, i mean u2's presence helps ratings (of in this case product sales) in return u22 gets the word out on the new album

anyway stepping off the soap box and completely unrelated saying, i really like City of Blinding Lights from what i've heard of the TOTP version.... can't wait to hear the entire album
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