October 24th, 2004

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Anyone else having problems with U2.com? I can't scroll the page down. Could someone be so nice and give me the straight links to different pages? Like albums, lyrics, photos, whatever there is in the site.

Why did they had to change the site.. :/

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Hey all!

Just a quick note....

I remember there was at least one other member here who lives in Pittsburgh and hadn't heard Vertigo on the radio....

Well 105.9 is playing it! I heard it yesterday!! Vertigo has finally arrived in the 'Burgh :)

Oh, and has everyone seen? On u2.com, there is a "store" section with Vertigo t-shirts! I'm a little disappointed, though -- because they all say "uno//dos//tres//catorce" on the front...and as someone who took Spanish for four years, I'm not sure I can wear a shirt that says "one, two, three, fourteen" on it in good conscience, lol

that's all.