October 25th, 2004

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Curious. Does anyone know of/have guitar tabs for Vertigo yet? I've figured out some of the song... but trying to watch Edge's hands on TOTP is almost impossible!
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U2 is love

Bono pumpkin!

Hey everyone!
I'm carvin my pumpkin tonight, and like last year, I'm making Bono!
www.zombiepumpkins.com has a Bono stencil and a Macphisto stencil, but now you have to pay in order to download the stencils.
So, I paid $2 and downloaded the stencils.
so if anyone else wants to make a Bono or Macphisto pumpkin (or any thing else from that website)
let me know and ill be more than happy to send you the stencil.

and im sure im gonna post a picture of my pumpkin when it's done. hehe.
U2 is love

Macphisto Pumpkin

Okay, so I did the Bono pumpkin, like I did last year.
And I messed up. I screwed his mouth and his nose up. And i cried! lol i was a little upset.
So, I went out, bought myself another pumpkin, and carved Macphisto.

For those of you doing these stencils, Macphisto is much easier!

Anyways, here are the pictures.
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