October 26th, 2004

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You know...making your own costume is hell! I've alwasy wanted to go as McPhisto but alas making all that gold and glitter just seemed beyond me; I am a man afterall. Then i tried to go as the Pope but that didn't work out either. Sigh. Yet again i go as just me heheh. I found a diary of how to make a mcphisto costume online but I wonder why some warehouse hasn't stocked the golden devil? That would truly be an awesome getup to come to the party in.

One queston though....what would Mrs McPhisto wear?!
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Sheet Music.

Okay, so my boyfriend, while he's learning the electric guitar - he's let me borrow his aucoustic.

If I'm wanting to play this as much as I figured, then the first batch of songs I want to learn is anything U2.. Prefferably what I'm familar with but I wouldn't doubt a new.

But here's the thing: I don't feel like spending the $30 dollars on a songbook, s'peically if I'm not going to be as serious in this instrument as I'm hoping.

Does anyone know of any U2 Guitar Sheets on the 'net I can print out for useage?

Thx; Laters.



Hey everyone, I need to ask a favor.  Somehow, my Live At Red Rocks, ZOO TV (Sydney) and Popmart (Mexico City) were deleted.  =-(  And I have no way of recovering them either.  So I was just wondering if any of you gracious people would be kind enough to help me out in getting copies of them again.  Via any means.  I would really appreciate any and all help regarding this matter.  And I am willing to pay if you can offer by mail copies of any of the concerts.  I just really need to get them back anyway I can!  Heh.  Thanks a million if you can help!  My e-mail for reference is Zophar1986@Yahoo.com
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