November 1st, 2004


Vertigo video in the UK

I just caught Vertigo on the Freeview channel The Hits, so you can watch out for it on there if you have digital. :)

Incidentally, has anyone seen the iPod advert on telly in the UK since last Sunday??  I was hoping to get it on tape at some point, but I haven't seen it again since!  Surely they wouldn't have dropped it after only showing it once?
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The Receptionist Classic

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I see that people are trying to catch "Vertigo" on VH1 and MTV - I keep missing the first part, too. It's on Yahoo's Launch now, though. This makes me so very happy. I'm annoying my co-workers by bringing it up again and again.

Got my Vertigo T-shirt today in the mail. And my buddy at the CD store is setting aside one of the five CD/DVD/book sets that they're getting in for me. Only have to wait three more weeks...
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[r.e.m.] i know what's happening

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so my local radio station is playing U2 songs for Larry's birthday (they admit it was yesterday, but they don't do the lunch program on weekends).

- I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
- Even Better Than The Real Thing
- Stay
- A Sort Of Homecoming (!!!)
- Desire
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Original of the Species is a beautiful song. Maybe the best slow song ever.

Only about 3 weeks now. We can do it!
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My Backwork

The Tour.....

Where is everyone going to go see the band?

I *wish* for back east again.. but that is kind of tough since I am far away from the east coast. Man, I *love* the east coast. Sigh.......

I figure this time I will go to Denver, Las Vegas, maybe Seattle and I'd like to see them in Cali. Maybe. Then again I might get that wild hair and fly to the east coast. I know Vegas for sure though! I cannot wait till we find out what the dates are!!! GUH!!!! I am surely not looking forward to ticket bastard hell -- but it will be worth it. *cackle*

Anyway, I just know I am going to see them as much as possible cuz it is like a carnival ride that you just want to stand in line for again and again and again and again and again! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

We should buy LJ t-shirts so we can all point at each other and laugh.
Floating Rocks

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Has anyone else (besides me) considered going on a U2 semi-sabbatical until the new album comes out?

Bono has been pitching How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb as a "debut album" and, as the claim is such, I'm coinsidering holding off listening to any leaked clips of new material, limiting at least slightly how often I listen to the older material and then, come the 23rd, going absolutely ape-poop. (New phrase! Woowoo!)

I was inspired to do this, believe it or not, by Hootie. Ok, ok: Darius Rucker, singer of Hootie and the Blowfish -- on VH1's I Love 1987 program, he mentioned refusing to listen to WOWY and any other material that the radio stations would play from The Joshua Tree until he could buy a copy of his album that would be all his own, that he could play over and over and over... it just seems like a great idea, personally.

Of course, I've already both heard AND seen Vertigo, but my policy is limited to the album -- anything that's on the radio or on the Vertigo single is fair game, in my eyes.


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x-posted from a comment for u2whilehoney's post on the tour and cities in the east cost.

I live in Atlanta and I've been wanting to plan logistics and stuff for people coming from out of town forever. For all intensive purposes I will be here when they come through unless they decided to show up post August 2005 in which case I have no clue where I'll be; I'm law school bound but destination unknown at the moment. If they come through before hand I am going to plan out maps, directions, etc. for everyone. Where to park, where to go, and my number in case anyone gets lost. Most likely they'll be at Phillips Arena again in which case I can direct people to hotels and stuff near the show that won't cost them much etc. Call me a U2 Ambassador :) I go to school downtown just a few blocks from the arena so I know the train system pretty well and there's places to park easily for the train system so you can just ride it into downtown and walk to the show. Very efficient.

Previously there was a package offered by some tour group where you got GA tickets, a hotel room, and a party pass but the second round through in Atlanta they made everyone COME to the event to get their tickets which totally must've sucked. Luckily I got mine off ticketmaster quite nicely. Maybe I'll see another act of random U2 kindness again (comment if you want the full story on that one).

Anybody near by?
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